The single-photon TPX3CAM

Why land on Phoebe?

Because Phoebe helps the quantum photonics community detect, image and time-stamp single photons by.....
Eliminating noise

Phoebe is a hybrid pixel detector that uses sophisticated on-chip electronics for real-time signal processing. Each pixel in Phoebe has its own individual threshold and event counter, enabling noise-free data acquisition. Unlike CCDs, you won't need to conduct long experiments to integrate signals for an acceptable Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). Phoebe offers ultra-high SNR since it only counts and time-stamps individual signals, allowing for sophisticated time-resolved data analysis.

Data is only read-out when an event, a "hit," occurs on the sensor's surface. This results in a more manageable data load, prioritising quality over quantity. In contrast to conventional CMOS technology, Phoebe eliminates the unwanted consequences of serial, frame-based read-out such as slow readout, binning, smearing effects.

Offering data-driven detection
Enabling simultaneous acquisition of data and images

Phoebe can precisely time-stamp data at a remarkable 1.56 ns granularity. But that's not all - you can seamlessly synchronize external signals through a Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC), enhancing your time resolution by up to 260 ps. Using this information, you can select time-windows in your continuous data to create an image.

Our API (Serval) and GUI (Accos) facilitate cross-instrument control and data collection. You can configure the TDCs to integrate with external hardware such as a pulsed source. The acquisition workflow is fully programmable which allows for streamlined data collection.

Allowing easy integration to your experiment
Being a Plug-and-Play Solution

Within hours, you'll witness your first data and process them with our dedicated processing toolkit called LUNA (Logical UNiform Analysis). LUNA is a post-processing software solution we developed in collaboration with Peter Svihra, an expert user of Timepix-3 technology. The software kit eliminates the need for extensive programming giving you a head start and saving your team valuable time.

Phoebe Starting Price

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