Category Publication Author Link
3DED Atomic-level structural responsiveness to environmental conditions from 3D electron diffraction Y. Ling et al. Nature Communication (2022)
3DED Integration of an Event-driven Timepix3 Hybrid Pixel Detector into a Cryo-EM Workflow J. Paul van Schayck et al. Oxford Academic (2023)
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3DED High-throughput phase elucidation of polycrystalline materials using serial rotation electron diffraction Y. Luo et al. Nature communications (2023)
3DED Direct structure determination of vemurafenib polymorphism from compact spherulites using 3D electron diffraction S. Li et al. Nature Communications (2023)
3DED Practice of electron microscopy on nanoparticles sensitive to radiation damage: CsPbBr₃ nanocrystals as a case study T. M. Duong et al. Frontiers (2022)
3DED High-Resolution Electron Diffraction of Protein Crystals in Their Liquid Environment at Room Temperature Using a Direct Electron Detection Camera S.Plana-Ruiz et al. Oxford Academic (2022)
3DED Growing single crystals of two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks enabled by intermediate tracing study C. Kang et al. Nature Communications (2022)
3DED Two New Organic Co-Crystals Based on Acetamidophenol Molecules I. Andrusenko et al. Symmetry (2022)
3DED Gas sorption properties and kinetics of porous bismuth-based metal-organic frameworks and the selective CO₂ and SF₆ sorption on a new bismuth trimesate-based structure UU-200 M. Åhlén et al. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2022)
3DED Organic Cocrystals of TCNQ and TCNB Based on an Orthocetamol Backbone Solved by Three-Dimensional Electron Diffraction J. Hitchen et al. Cryst. Growth Des. (2022)
3DED Jingsuiite, TiB2, a new mineral from the Cr-11 podiform chromitite orebody, Luobusa ophiolite, Tibet, China: Implications for recycling of boron F. Xiong et al. American Mineralogist (2022)
3DED SCM-25: A Zeolite with Ordered Meso-cavities Interconnected by 12 × 12 × 10-Ring Channels Determined by 3D Electron Diffraction Y. Luo et al. Inorg. Chem. (2022)
3DED Metal-hydrogen-pi-bonded organic frameworks J. Zhu et al. Dalton Transactions (2022)
3DED Inkjet Printed Disposable High-Rate On-Paper Microsupercapacitors Z. Li et al. Adv. Funct. Mater. (2021)
3DED A Comparison of Structure Determination of Small Organic Molecules by 3D Electron Diffraction at Cryogenic and Room Temperature T. Yang et al. Symmetry (2021)
3DED Crystal Structure of Linagliptin Hemihydrate Hemiethanolate (C₂₅H₂₈N₈O₂)₂(H₂O)(C₂H₅OH) from 3D Electron Diffraction Data, Rietveld Refinement, and Density Functional Theory Optimization P. P. Das et al. Cryst. Growth Des. (2021)
3DED Structure determination, thermal stability and dissolution rate of δ-indomethacin I. Andrusenko et al. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. (2021)
3DED Structural analysis of metastable pharmaceutical loratadine form II, by 3D electron diffraction and DFT+D energy minimisation G. R. Woollam et al. CrystEngComm. (2021)
3DED MyD88 TIR domain higher-order assembly interactions revealed by microcrystal electron diffraction and serial femtosecond crystallography M. T. B. Clabbers et al. Nature Communications (2021)
3DED Statistically correcting dynamical electron scattering improves the refinement of protein nanocrystals, including charge refinement of coordinated metals T. Blum et al. Acta Crystallographica D (2021)
3DED Manipulation of Stacking Order in Td-WTe ₂ by Ultrafast Optical Excitation S. Ji, O. Grånäs, and J. Weissenrieder. ACS Nano. (2021)
3DED High-Throughput Electron Diffraction Reveals a Hidden Novel Metal–Organic Framework for Electrocatalysis M. Ge et al. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2021)
3DED Structural origin of the high-voltage instability of lithium cobalt oxide J. Li et al. Nature Nanotechnology (2021)
3DED A simple pressure-assisted method for MicroED specimen preparation J. Zhao et al. bioRxiv (2021)
3DED A Porphyrinic Zirconium Metal–Organic Framework for Oxygen Reduction Reaction: Tailoring the Spacing between Active-Sites through Chain-Based Inorganic Building Units M. O. Cichoka et al. ACS Publications (2020)
3DED Atomically precise single-crystal structures of electrically conducting 2D metal–organic frameworks J. Dou et al. Nature Materials (2020)
3DED Modulated structure determination and ion transport mechanism of oxide-ion conductor CeNbO ₄₊δ J. Li et al. Nature Communications (2020)
3DED Liquid-like Interfaces Mediate Structural Phase Transitions in Lead Halide Perovskites C. Bischak et al. Matter (2020)
3DED A lipocalin mediates unidirectional heme biomineralization in malaria parasites J. Matz et al. PNAS (2020)
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3DED Crystalline Curcumin bioMOF Obtained by Precipitation in Supercritical CO₂ and Structural Determination by Electron Diffraction Tomography N. Portolés-Gil et al. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
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3DED Superconductivity in Perovskite Ba₀.₈₅₋ₓLaₓPr₀.₁₅(Bi₀.₂₀Pb₀.₈₀)O₃−δ A. Firdous et al. Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism
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3DED The application of electron backscatter diffraction on halide perovskite H. Sun et al. Advanced energy Materials (2020)