"We make fancy detectors!"

ASI has detectors for all kinds of particles: electrons, photons, X-rays, neutrons and ions. We design and manufacture highly advanced and customized detector solutions for researchers that need something better than the standard solution.

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Offering Your Business Advanced Detector Solutions to Revolutionise Scientific Research

Since 2011, we specialize in elaborate detectors for diverse sectors, enabling advancements in neutron detection, electron diffraction, and physical chemistry labs. Our cutting-edge hybrid pixel technology ensures easy operation and maintenance, allowing researchers to focus on their work.

Specialized Detector Solutions
ASI specializes in advanced detector solutions using hybrid pixel technology, empowering research in multiple fields like chemistry, physics, materials science, and biology.
User-Focused Approach
With a user-focused approach, ASI creates accessible and adaptable detectors, enabling scientists to concentrate on their research without worrying about instrument complexities.
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